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RV Park


All of the parking areas are accessible from the main road, the primary make-up of the areas is a packed layer of gravel that is level and smooth. There is a paved parking area for passenger cars available at the front of the facility that allows spectators to access the grandstand area without passing through the stalls and barn area.

There is an RV park with 40 full service hook-ups, each is made up of a concrete pad that is 20 feet by 80 feet long, there are some pull-throughs and some back-ins, there are also several double pads that can hold 2 RVs, the area around the RV parking is grass, this area is not designed to accommodate horses and we discourage horses being brought into this area. There is plenty of space to cook-out and enjoy the down time. This area is easily accessible because it is located immediately next to a primary road.


  1. Only one (1) RV trailer or motor home will be permitted on each campsite.
  2. The Lessee, when leaving their trailer, shall leave it in a manner that is ready to tow.  Items affixed to the trailers as standard equipment and leveling devices may be left, however; items such as chairs, tables, lights, cook stoves, unfolded canopies, cars, boats, and other equipment, must be stored or removed when the site is unoccupied.
  3. These policies specifically prohibit tool sheds, swings sets, landscape items (i.e., rocks, painted tires, planters, windmills, nameplates and /or addressed), or any item that indicates a permanent placement of the Lessee.
  4. It will be the responsibility of the Lessee to bag and tie all garbage, and to properly dispose of it in one of the designated locations.  No garbage shall be accumulated and stored on the site for any period of time in excess of 24 hours and the site at all times be maintained in a neat, clean, and orderly manner.
  5. There will be no parking on grass in the campground.
  6. The Lessee shall abide by all District Regulations and the General Campground Rules and Policies.
  7. There will be no open fire of any kind in the campground.
  8. Failure to abide by these policies may result in expulsion from the campground.