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Facility Layout

Arena Information:


Our large indoor arena (140’ X 240’) is designed to accommodate a variety of equine disciplines. 1800 people can be seated in our grandstand area & a full service concession is on-site.


The facility also boasts a second covered arena (150’ X 300’), which is connected to our warm-up area that also serves the indoor arena. This arena will have a sandy clay footing suitable for equine events. The fencing will be a permanent pipe fence designed to contain livestock.


A new outdoor open pen (150’ X 300’) is located on the west side of the building that houses the Indoor Arena, this arena is designed to be used for warm-up, it has a limestone base which insures that rain will not interfere with using this arena. It has a sandy footing that is deep and kept watered.


The facility has 202 10 foot X 10 foot stalls, each stall has an electrical outlet and access to water nearby. 88 of the stalls are solid walled and 114 of the stalls have open bars between stalls. There are concrete wash racks at each barn and a manure holding area centrally located. The barn with 88 stalls is located with covered access to the 2 covered arenas and the barn with 114 stalls is located immediately to the east of the indoor covered arena.


All of the parking areas are accessible from the main road, the primary make-up of the areas is a packed layer of gravel that is level and smooth. There is a paved parking area for passenger cars available at the front of the facility that allows spectators to access the grandstand area without passing through the stalls and barn area.

There is an RV park with 40 full service hook-ups, each is made up of a concrete pad that is 20 feet by 80 feet long, there are some pull-throughs and some back-ins, there are also several double pads that can hold 2 RVs, the area around the RV parking is grass, this area is not designed to accommodate horses and we discourage horses being brought into this area. There is plenty of space to cook-out and enjoy the down time. This area is easily accessible because it is located immediately next to a primary road.

There are also about 40 hook-ups that are water electric only, these are located in close proximity to the stalls and arenas. These hook-ups are located in graveled parking and are primarily back in.


The Banquet Hall is located at the front of the facility, is approximately 55 Feet X 65 Feet, and is located immediately to the right of the entry foyer. The banquet hall can accommodate up to 220 people seated at 60 inch round banquet tables. A stage and podium is available along with a microphone and sound system for speaking engagements. There are long rectangular tables available for registration and serving food. The facility will provide the tables and chairs for your event and one set-up, we do not furnish tablecloths, there are several locations which rent tablecloths for banquets and there is also a nice paper tablecloth sold for banquet tables.

Commercial Kitchen

A fully furnished commercial kitchen is available. The kitchen has prep space, a large ice bin and stove / range. It is located immediately adjacent to the Banquet Hall. The commercial kitchen is primarily designed to service the needs of the Concession Stand, anytime there is an event in the arena during which the concession stand will be in operation the commercial kitchen will still be available for use with the Banquet Hall. You may rent the Banquet Hall without renting the Commercial Kitchen.

Conference Room

Also available to rent is a smaller room suitable for meetings of 40 or less, this room is located just off of the main entry forward and has a horseshoe shaped table suitable for smaller meetings.


The facility has ample restrooms, they are located just off the foyer and are kept spotlessly clean a foam anti-bacterial hand washing solution is readily available along with hot water and paper towels. The restrooms have their own handicap accessible bathroom.

Indoor Arena for Large Meetings / Events

The indoor arena is also available for large-scale meeting, events, conferences, etc… The facility has hosted concerts, banquets for 2000+ attendees, sporting events, corporate picnics. The facility can be set-up to accommodate just about any event, with or without concessions.

Entire Facility

The entire facility may be rented, call us to discuss your event and what we can do to make your event successful.